Saturday, March 26, 2011

Food conservation

I'm excited to include pictures in this post, not sure why I haven't done so yet, I do have a camera...

I'm not a big fan of wasting food; I like new recipes but at the end of the week there are always ingredients leftover in the fridge waiting to go bad. Pasta sauce is a great way to get rid of over ripened tomatoes, peppers, and mushrooms but there are quite a few recipes that can gobble up your leftover items. Quiche for example.
6 strips of prosciutto, 7 eggs, and 3 types of cheese = a good start
I went into my fridge and found what you see above: 7 eggs, soya milk (we don't normally have dairy milk), leftover Canadian Raclette cheese, Tommee De Groose Ile ripened semi soft cheese, Mouton Rouge sheeps milk cheese, 6 strips of prosciutto, 3 mushrooms, a couple green onions, the last of the fresh thyme and of course mixed baby greens.

So from the freezer I grabbed two pie shells and got to work, I'm not making the shells from scratch for a Saturday lunch.


everything above...
Please try a quiche with lots of raclette cheese it's very strong, I like it in soup and quiche because of it's flavor contrast. I wouldn't buy the other two cheeses again, they have a strong smell but weak taste.

In a small bowl mix 7 eggs and 1 cup of milk / soya milk. Cube up the cheese, you'll need about 100 g of something and mix it into the egg / milk mixture. Season with salt and pepper, I have a smoked salt flake that I like to use for quiche.

Cut up your fresh vegetables and add them as well as the leaves of the thyme into the base of the pie shells, add mixed greens, pour the egg mixture over top. garnish with some more course pepper, Tabasco if you like it spicy, and half strips of the prosciutto. Bake for 20 - 30 minutes at 400 degrees°. Enjoy!

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