Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tasting a Gluten Free Lifestyle

I've seen a lot in the news recently about how gluten is making us all fat; I've known for some time that there are people who just can't eat gluten, allergies etc., but this is the first attack that I've seen on my personal daily gluten intake. As I like to try new things I'm going to try and cut back on my gluten intake and check out some of the snazzy gluten free food items that are available. For the most part the vast majority of the home cooked food world is gluten free but I have no idea how prevalent it is in boxed foods, research abound!
I just bought a loaf of gluten free bread made from brown rice.... I don't know the manufacturer off hand but let me tell you, this gluten free bread is both expensive (by bread standards) and a poor substitute. Not good with sandwiches or peanut butter, would make a good weapon. It's just too gritty, I felt like I was chewing gravel, that's a bit of an exaggeration but you get my drift. It dries your mouth out and needs to be milled pretty heavily with your teeth before it can be swallowed, every bite is squeaky like raw cauliflower and it's really dense. All in all not my favorite...

Thanks to Mike for a lot of gluten free recipes, the adventure begins.

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